Chichester Return to Form

Portsmouth & District Chess League

The latest results from the Portsmouth & District Chess League feature three resounding wins for Chichester, Fareham, and Portsmouth. Have Chichester regained the form that saw them win the league last season, dropping just half a point to Emsworth moves Chichester into second place behind league leaders Gosport.

Division 1 Round 3
Emsworth A ½-5½ Chichester A

1.P.Stimpson 0-1    J.Wilson
2.K.Eyles       0-1   R.Lukoshius
3.P.Northcott  0-1  W.McDougall
4.Z.Biksi        0-1   A.McDougall
5.M.Davies    ½     A.Miller
6.D.Jerome    0-1   M.Plumb

Cosham A  2-4    Fareham A
1.J.F.Wheeler 0-1   A.Corkett
2.D.A.Cordner 0-1  K.Gregory
3.R.V.Puchades ½  D.Deacon
4.A.D.Smith   1-0   E.Black
5.G.E.Feltham 0-1 C.Couch
6.S.D.LeFevre  ½   D.Elliott

Cole Cup Round 1
Portsmouth A 4½-½ Portsmouth B
1.M.Broom     1-0   P.Eyles
2.A.Isaakidis  1-0   K.Sullivan
3.I.Hardwick   ½    I.Matthew
4.M.Hulland  1-0   S.Russell
5.S.Venables  1-0  A.Bucci

Division 1PWDLGsPts
2Chichester A320112½4
3Fareham A320194
4Emsworth A310262
5Portsmouth A30121
6Cosham A301271

Full results and league tables may be viewed on the PDCL website at
The latest news and results are provided by John Wheeler.

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