Bad Week for Portsmouth

Portsmouth & District Chess League

Chichester and Emsworth triumphed over teams from Portsmouth, Emsworth now top Division 2 whilst Chichester, with a game in hand, move within 2 points of topping Division 3.

Division 2 Round 4
Chichester B 3½-1½ Portsmouth B
1.P.Dallas ½ S.Venables
2.L.Osiyemi ½ S.Russell
3.S.J.Smith 1-0 P.Eyles
4.A.Miller 1-0 J.Kermode
5.M.Plumb ½ B.Cochran

Division 3 Round 6
Emsworth C 3½-1½ Portsmouth C
1.M.Davies ½ B.Cochran
2.N.Parekh 0-1 P.Eyles
3.P.Pinto 1-0 P.Hepplethwaite
4.D.Cook 1-0 A.Bucchi
5.A.Parker 1-0 H.Ahmad

Division 2PWDLGsPts
1Emsworth B6402188
2Cosham B631215½7
3Chichester B6213145
4Portsmouth B620412½4


Division 3PWDLGsPts
1Emsworth C540116½8
2Portsmouth C5302146
3Chichester C4301136
4Fareham D51042
5Fareham C510472

Full results and league tables may be viewed on the PDCL website at
The latest news and results are provided by John Wheeler.


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