AGM 2018 Summary


The 2018 AGM was held at Cosham on 13th June. The following summary covers the main points, for further information please contact the Secretary.

All current serving officers were re-elected.

Our finances are in good condition, with a surplus of £237.99 taking our balance up to £1348.53. In the previous year we had made a loss of £300, but we are now on course to achieve our target balance of £1500.

Affiliation fees and board fees are unchanged.
The ECF has kept direct membership fees unchanged, but has abolished the £1 discount for online renewals.

The webmaster was congratulated on the impressive quality of the site during the past season. But there have been serious problems with our supplier, and we need to make different arrangements to avoid future problems.

The 2018 congress will be at Fareham (the Lysses House Hotel) as Eastleigh College is no longer available. We are producing an online-friendly entry-form, so that players do not need paper at all if they so wish, and payments can be made online directly to our bank account. The dates are 2-4 November.

We intend to enter a team in the Chiltern Open, which will revert to a double-round all-play-all for 16 boards. Also a team in the Under-150 (no longer Under-160) for a double-round all-play all over 20 boards.
Unfortunately we will not be able to play home matches at Basingstoke CC, and are urgently seeking a new home venue.

The WECU has invited submissions for the award of the BCET Schools Shield for impressive junior chess activity. This is not limited to schools, other junior clubs and/or Leagues can be entered. It would be nice if a Hampshire entry could win it……

The meeting closed before throwing-out time.
JWheeler (HCA sec)

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